Why The Road ?

“So, why the road?” I’ve been asked this before and every time asked, I come up with more reasons… in all, hundreds of reasons I love being on the road. The road. No, I am not talking about freeways, however, they have their place. The back roads are the character of travels. Take your time… sit awhile… smell the roses. The freeways being the speed of travel… no time… gotta get to where I’m going!! Hurry!

I have always preferred the back roads to the freeways. And the best of roadtrips are the ones which involve no destination. There always lingers a sense of anticipation, excitement and wonder when venturing out on those kinds of roadtrips. There is a bit of fear when first starting out on a new adventure, yet, that is always left far behind when the adventure begins.

The road affords me the opportunity to reflect and enjoy the land, the sky… if coastal… the sea. This extra time involved in getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ (as opposed to a train or plane) is a priceless way to travel. I believe it is only rivalled by biking or walking. I say this because slowing down travel time (rather than speeding it up) brings me in line with nature and all of its glory.

Behind the wheel of… well… of any automobile… is a feeling which can be taken for granted. I, myself, like to travel in a van or a vehicle with some kind of sleeping quarters in it. I like knowing that I don’t have to make reservations for lodging and can stop and start anytime along my travel. I lived for 2 years in a 22’ RV and knowing that all my possessions were travelling right behind me was a freeing feeling.

Driving to new places has always afforded me the time to think. The road forms a sort of meditation for me The lines passing by, the sunrises, sunsets, the towns and cities I’ve passed… rural country sides… they all tell stories. Most of them cry out saying look at me… I’m here. Some… whisper gently to pass on by, nothing to see. Yet, they all tell a story. From the architecture of buildings to the old trees swaying in the breeze… from the silhouettes of livestock in the evening sun to the faces of people going about their lives. The road also grants the time to pull over and stay awhile. Sometimes I like to just pull over and take in an area with all my senses. I think to myself, “This place… at one time, maybe two hundred years ago, people came here and chose to stay. More came and soon a town/city grew out of it.” Some of the most fascinating places are abandoned towns. Towns which everyone has moved on and crumbling houses and rotting fences tell a tale of ambitions and dreams either fulfilled or left on the pavement of time. So… the road. I travel it for stories. To know that there are many more stories than mine and that every blade of grass and every wooden fence tells a story…. Why the road? It gives me a chance to see and read some of the greatest stories this planet has to offer.